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What's New This Summer?

Color / Patterns: BROWNS, Blues & Medium to Dark Greys. Window Panes & Stripes: Retros, Bold, Narrow & Multi. Stripes of all widths & stripes of color are especially fashionable now. No one other than a tailor has access to over 4,000 fabrics.

Suit Coats & Jackets:

The three button is beginning to fade, where as the 2 button is making a strong come back. The button stance is slightly higher with a narrowing of the lapel and collar has occured. Our 2 button features a lapel width of 3 - 3 1/4'; The 3 button Coats are now featuring a 3" lapel. The conservative dresser can wear either of these styles comfortably. Center vents are on their way back, no vents are slowing down, and, side vents are fading.

If you have lapels 3 3/4" or wider on those single breasted, it is time to retire those Suits and Jackets.

Recent articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post are all linking the casualness in business practices, and casual dress as one of the key catalysts to many of the failures in the hi-tech community. Therefore, if you are not dressed well, how can the business world treat you with respect. This is especially true for the Executives & their Sales Force. Think about it, do you converse differently with someone in a suit vs one in dockers?

A Seattle accounting firm that had gone casual, realized that it was costing them! They noticed that their billable hours had dramatically decreased since going casual. Needless to say they are now back in suits and ties.

One of the newest styles in the work place is suits worn with out a TIE, this implies that shirts are becoming increasingly important.

Slacks & Suit Pants:

Pants are becoming trimmer, with plain fronts and single pleats becoming the standard. This does not mean that they have to be tight or uncomfortable. We now have a brand new range of fabrics. Stretch. Stretch wool, stretch cotton, stretch wool-micros. These fabrics are incredibly comfortable and drape extremely well. Double pleats are still very common.

Dress & Sport Shirts:

In many circles, the shirt is taking the place of the tie as the accent! Show your individuality with a custom dress shirt made to your specifications from some incredible multi stripes of color!

A return to Elegance. If you watch Boston Legal - take note of Denny Cranes William Shatner) shirts. Colored shirts with and without patterns with a white collar & French Cuffs. The British check is also making a come back in less than ordinary colors.

The Hidden Button Down is another style of shirt that everybody should have since it is so versatile. The work place is becoming formal again, the hidden button down is ideal, it can be worn with or without a tie. The biggest advantage is that when it is worn with out a tie the collar stays nice, neat and sporty.

Updated 6/1/07



An absolute faux pas is to wear a shirt with a white collar and then have cuffs that match the body of the shirt.